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Action Game

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Maverick Bird

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Feb 13, 2014
Maverick Bird

Maverick Bird, an Action game by .

The best Flappy Bird clone we have played... And we've played a lot!

The aim of the action game Maverick Bird is to guide your ball through the tiny gap in each column. Come on it's Flappy Bird, who hasn't played that! Use your Up Arrow Key to Flap and your Down Arrow Key to dive. If you like Maverick Bird head over to Terry Cavanagh's site and check out his other great games like the amazing Hexagon. Maverick Bird is an Action game by Terry Cavanagh, released on Feb 13, 2014 this online game is currently ranked number 63 in our chart. Rated 5 out of 5 by GameSquat users, Maverick Bird's suitable for ages 3 and above and has been tagged with the keywords & flappy bird. To play even more games view our latest online games and our popular games too.

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