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Action Game

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No Extra Charge

Jan 28, 2011
No Extra Charge

No Extra Charge, a Action game by .

Navigate / Use Items

Keep guests in your beautiful boutique hotel happy, collecting tips for as long as you can!

The aim of No Extra Charge is to earn as much as possible in tips as you can. The happier guests are the more you'll earn, thought beware three complaints and it's game over. Navigate between rooms to help your guests by clicking on doors or room icons. Keep an eye on the icons at the foot of your screen, they list your tasks. When taking orders your see the guest patience run out as the icon depletes, deliver orders before that happens to get your tip. Guest will arrive at reception all the time, choose a room for them from the menu. When guest want to check out they will wait for you in the lobby, this is when you collect your tip so don't leave them waiting long! Guests use a lot of batteries, keep them charged using the charging station located at the Concierge Desk, here you can either take or charge batteries. When you get an order for refreshments get a member of staff to whip up the order, once ready deliver before the guest looses patience. Messy rooms must be cleaned before they can be used again, click the messy areas to clean them up and don't forget to collect any used batteries.

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